What is TradeRev?

See what makes TradeRev the ultimate tool for dealers.

You Are The Auction

TradeRev is a revolutionary digital vehicle auction platform designed to be as mobile as your business needs.

It gives Sellers the power to launch live, 45-minute, real-time auctions from the palm of their hands. Fully integrated with ADESA, Sellers can tap into a combined network of Buyers across Canada. It’s your Highway to Sell.

Buyers can also enjoy full end-to-end service from anywhere. With Mobile Checkout, add transport and complete your financing or payment from the convenience of your phone.

TradeRev helps you sell more new cars by getting your customer the trade value they want. It’s real money, right now!

Fresh Trades First

On TradeRev, dealers can launch trade-in vehicles as soon as they land on their lots, giving buyers access to fresh trades that may never surface on other remarketing channels. Sellers can also create an Event with multiple vehicles and we’ll promote it on our Events Calendar so Buyers can see it and plan for upcoming trades.

Because TradeRev works on smartphones, tablets and desktops, you can literally be participating in an auction anywhere you are. Auction notifications are available via SMS, mobile or email so you never miss any action.

2019 Santa Fe
51,452 KM
2017 RAV4
AWD 4dr LE
58,567 KM
2018 Silverado 1500
4WD Crew Cab
23, 243 KM
2018 RDX
Elite AWD
20,685 KM
2020 Telluride
17,347 KM

Transactional Services

With features such as floorplan financing, one-click electronic funds transfer, real-time shipping quotes and fund management, TradeRev makes the selling and buying process quicker and more simple. TradeRev is a one-stop shop for all of your wholesale needs!

Research Tool

Keep up with today’s fast moving market values. Built right into the TradeRev app, the TradeRev Vehicle Research tool is an advanced search tool that gives you real-time data on any car.

Your Dashboard

TradeRev has been built to fit into your busy schedule. The Dashboard is the perfect place for you to get just the important details about your wholesale business at a glance. It automatically syncs to all your information so it’s always up to date and is the perfect springboard to go directly to where you think your attention is needed.
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Driven by the passion to improve automotive sales, TradeRev has become one of the most trusted automotive auction systems in Canada.
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