Our Story

TradeRev is unique because it was created for dealers by a group of people who love cars and are passionate about the industry. With this came a deep understanding of the age-old process of dealing with trade-ins and the challenges that existed within the sales infrastructure. We believe if the industry as a whole advances and evolves, we can live in a world where when it comes to buying a car, everyone comes out a winner.

TradeRev Co-Founder Mark Endras recognized these challenges and a truly innovative solution was envisioned: a system that connects dealers across Canada to make moving wholesale inventory quicker, easier and more efficient than ever. The objective was to create technology that powers next-generation automotive marketplaces and, perhaps most ambitious of all, see a world where automotive transactions are fast, fair and easy for everyone.

Emboldened by his vision and determined to share his solution, Mark, along with co-founders Wade Chia, Jae Pak and James Tani, worked towards the launch of TradeRev in Toronto in 2011. Since launching, TradeRev was quickly adopted throughout Canada taking the automotive remarketing industry by storm. While many competitors have tried to duplicate TradeRev’s success, no one else has had the perfect combination of dealership experience, footprint, ease of use, and, therefore, longevity.

In 2017, TradeRev was acquired by KAR Global to help fuel continued growth and leverage the data, technology and capabilities that exist across the KAR platform of companies. Since the transaction, TradeRev has continued to expand and innovate, deploying a portfolio of new enhancements and functionality to simplify and streamline the dealer experience.

A large part of our success is tied back to the team that shapes TradeRev, who ensures the company doesn’t just succeed but also thrives. But we’re not done yet. So, if you’d like to be part of our growing team as we challenge ourselves to reach new heights, great! We’re always looking for talented people to join us. Check out our current openings.